Presentation: Festival Playground – The Future of Music Festivals

Initiated by Höme – Für Festivals, 37,000 fans from over 800 different festivals shared their thoughts on the future of festivals during in the largest European festival survey to date. The answers served as the basis for the Festival Playground in June. More than 80 German festivals locked themselves in for a weekend on a festival site at the Baltic Sea, using the collected data to work on concepts around the topics of sustainability, eventization, mobility, inclusion, equality and technology. The goal was and is to be prepared for social change, future generations of festival-goers or new hygiene and safety aspects.

This presentation by Jannis Burkardt (Höme – Für Festivals), will guide you through the survey results, identifies correlations and puts them in relation to each other.

Guest Speakers

Host: Jannis Burkardt, Höme – Für Festivals (DE)

As one of the founders of Höme – Für Festivals, Jannis Burkardt is working on the vision of a fair and innovative festival market. Höme is commited towards ideas that make life behind the world’s mainstages easier and possibly change the festival industry for the better.

For 8 years Jannis was board member and production manager of Fuchsbau Festival, also worked as a freelance film producer and consultant for business model innovation, studied social and business communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and futurology at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.”