Event FAQs

Below are some useful tips and fixes for any issues you may have at iFF 2020

I can’t login to the iFF conference platform
Access the event on your browser by clicking here. The event is also accessible in each confirmation email sent to delegates, by clicking the View Event Details button. After logging in, y
ou will be redirected to the iFF 2020 virtual hub.

If you are having trouble logging in, please select reset your password. If you are still having issues accessing the event, the quickest way to get support is through the Accelevents support team. visit www.accelevents.com and message the team via the 24/7 chat window.

I can’t see the panel/livestream
If you are trying to watch a panel or showcase at the correct scheduled time and the stream is not appearing…

1. Wait a moment. Depending on your browser, it can take a moment or two to show
2. Refresh your browser.
3. Ensure that your browser is up to date. (The recommended browser is Chrome, but Firefox and Safari should also work.)
4. Check the time – if the session has already happened, you can watch it back by clicking the Past schedule option underneath the live feed.

I can’t watch the streams live. What can I do?
All of the content at iFF will remain on the platform for 7 days, until 18:00 BST on Thursday 10 September, so you can watch the content at a time which suits you.

I am having trouble joining video meetings or speedmeetings
To join the video meetings, you must enable use of your camera and microphone in your Browser.

In addition:
– Use the recommended browser (Chrome)

– Make sure that your browser is up to date
– Refresh your page:Clear your browser’s cache:
– Access the page in an incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N)
– Try the other recommended browsers (Safari and Firefox)
– Check your internet connection / speed (it should be at least 5mb/s)
– Enable pop-ups in your browser
– Disable any firewalls (e.g malware, AVG)

How do I find and connect with someone?
When logged in to the iFF conference platform, click the Delegates menu item. From there you can search, connect and chat with other delegates, and also propose an instant video chat, or schedule a meeting for later.

I want to meet with more than one other person – how do I do that?
Head to the Networking Lounge area, and enter the Book Your Group Meetings lounge and a member of our team will schedule a Private Group Meeting Lounge for up to 16 Attendees.

How do I join the Speedmeetings?
The speedmeetings run at set times both days of IFF (11:00 and 14:00). Click the Join button when the sessions are live, and the system will automatically match you with other
delegates for a series of five-minute video chats.

Can I buy a ticket for iFF after the event?
No, registration closes at 18:00 BST on Thursday 3 September so make sure you buy your pass before the event finishes.

I’m still having trouble – how do I contact you?
If you are having trouble during the event, the quickest way to get support is through the Accelevents support team. Click here or visit www.accelevents.com and message the team via the 24/7 support chat window. Alternatively you can email ben@ilmc.com.