Associate Partners Announced

This year’s IFF will be proudly supported by some of the most dynamic companies in the music festival space. Lining up to make this year’s edition our most memorable yet are…

As organisers of Events and Conferences there are many eventualities that could occur causing interruption, abandonment, postponement or cancellation.

These can include the venue becoming unavailable, a key speaker being unable to attend, or equipment delayed in transit. All of these have a serious financial implication to you as our client and our policy will provide cover for the additional costs and expenses incurred that will allow the event or conference to be completed where possible. tysers.com


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Universe delivers the best general admission ticketing technology that transforms the way festivals, exhibits, and experiences sell tickets, manage their events, and reach new fans. The platform pairs simple, flexible ticketing with unmatched distribution and marketing powered by Ticketmaster.

Universe is a division of Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment

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