Meet The First Delegates

Who are the first names to be out in force at IFF? Some of the top names in the festival and agency space have already signed up for IFF 2023…here are some of them…!



First to confirm their attendance at IFF 2023 are Beatrice Stirnimann & Kerstin Reinders (Baloise Session), Marco Ercolani (Barley Arts Srl), Andreas Lindborg (Bergenfest), Merle Doering (Catch 22), Justin Sweeting (Clockenflap), Bjorn Bauch (DreamHaus), James Penfold (Dreamland, Margate), Dirk De Ruyck & Jan Digneffe (FKP Scorpio), Georg Leitner & Harald Buechel (Georg Leitner Productions GmbH), Annika Hintz (Goodlive Artists GmbH & Co. KG), Ian Evans (IME Music / Live Nation), Ben Mitha, Sönke Schal & Thomas Harsman (Karsten Jahnke Concerts), Marc Lambelet (Mainland Music SA), Bertus de Blaauw, Gerbine Ulehake, Jarn van Strijen & Jeps Salfischberger (Mojo Concerts BV), Birgitte Mandelid & Claes Olsen (Øyafestivalen). Welcome, all!