Meet the Delegates

Which top names from the festival & agency spaces will be in London for IFF? Here are more of the latest companies to sign up for IFF 2023…!


IFF Delegates


Some of the latest delegates to confirm their attendance at IFF 2023 are Kim Worsoe (All Things Live Group), Thomas Zsifkovits (Barracuda Music), Nick Hobbs (Charmenko), Erik Newton & Juli Guiu (Clipper’s Live), Tom Glorieus (FKP Scorpio), Rense van Kessel (Friendly Fire), Christof Huber (Gadget abc Entertainment Group), Christin Knäblein & Roman Pitone (Karsten Jahnke Concerts), Karolina Kozlowska (Live Nation & Luger Denmark), Ethan Proctor, Louise McGovern & Matthew Bartlett (Midnight Mango), Anett Lenk (Redlionmusic Agency), Jan Quiel (Wacken Open Air) and Ali Tillett & Rachel Fairhead (Warm Agency)… Welcome, all!