IFF’s Latest Names

Over 900 delegates from the festival & agency worlds are confirmed to attend IFF 2023, and here are a handful of the latest to sign up…!


IFF 2023 Delegates


Welcome to Andries van Wieren (3S Music Management), Thomas Dürr (Act Entertainment), Louis Andersen-Risager (All Things Live Denmark), Giorgio Riccitelli (All Things Live Italy), Silje Wergeland & Torgrim Øyre (Beyond the Gates / Revelations Music), Lucie Karafiátová (BUJOART s.r.o.), Marco Perales (CityZen Music), Bruno Russo (Cobra Agency), Marta Sanz (Concert Tour), Jon Hogan (Coventry City Council), Silvia Braga (Crumbs Events), Carsten Svoldgaard (CSB Member of Deag Group), Mark Doravaloo (DC Talent Agency), Kate Webster (Deer Shed Festival), Tuomas Kallio (Flow Festival), Stefan Wyss (Gadget abc Entertainment), Giannis Moustakas (GMI Live), Mateusz Jakielski (Good Taste Production), Klaus Plewa (Goodlive Artists Austria), Frank Satink (Goomah Music), Fritz Thom (IJFO – Int’l Jazz Festivals Organization), Sybille Kornitschky (Jazzahead!), Thomas Respondek (Kingstar GmbH), Tomasz Ochab (Knock Out Productions / Mystic Festival), Michael Drieberg (Live music production), Damien Chamard Boudet (Live Nation / Lollapalooza Paris), Laura Boegershausen (Live Nation GSA), Daniel Bzdusek (Luger), Natalie Ryan-Williams (Luger / Way Out West), Stuart Vallans (Marshall Group), Anaīs d’Olivat (MDLBEAST), Jorge Lopes (MEO Mares Vivas), Rémi Bruggmann (Montreux Jazz Festival), Brendan Moon (Morsecode), Maciej Laski (Municipal Arena of Sport and Culture), Angela Dorgan (Music From Ireland), Anthony Thompson & Sean Tyrala (Notion Live Events), Vincent Sager (Opus One), Orsolya Ifi-Valde (Paloznaki Jazzpiknik), Andrea Mizzau (Pordenone Blues & C. Festival), Eppo Janssen & Sarah Mahassine (Pukkelpop), David Tsintsadze (Tbilisi Open Air / Straus Entertainment), Adam Ryan (The Great Escape), Alex Ravizza (Vivo Concerti) and Ben Street (Wild Paths Festival).


You can view the full IFF 2023 delegate list by clicking here.